kids getting on bus

What is TPSRides?

With TPSRides, students in 9th-12th grades can ride any Tulsa Transit bus for free upon presenting their student I.D.

Tulsa Transit is excited to work with Tulsa Public Schools(TPS) to help the youth of Tulsa gain knowledge of local public transportation services and to be a part of providing them an education to lead them to a brighter future. High school students will now have access to transportation for education needs, social services, extra-curricular activities, or any other needs throughout the year.

Tulsa Public Schools

For more information from about the program from Tulsa Public Schools visit TPSRIDES.

College Stickers

What is the College Sticker Program?

Participating schools, colleges, and university students can ride any Tulsa Transit bus for free upon presenting their student I.D. with the appropriate sticker. Tulsa Transit is excited to provide students furthering their education a way to traverse the city. Students should request a sticker from their student life (or equivalent) and add it to their I.D.

Participating Schools

  1. Clary Sage College

  2. Community Care College

  3. Oklahoma Technical college

  4. Tulsa Community College

  5. Tulsa Tech

  6. University of Tulsa

Safe Place

What Is Safe Place

SafePlace is a local program that enables kids to get to a safe place when they feel they are lost or in danger. Since Tulsa Transit is a participant in the Tulsa SafePlace Program, all Tulsa Transit fixed route buses are SafePlace areas.  Kids can catch any bus and ask to be taken to a SafePlace. No fares apply.

Youth Services Of Tulsa

We are proud to work with Youth Services of Tulsa to help kids in trouble find a place where they feel safe and can get access to the services they need.

Safe Place

What is Ozone Alert?

INCOG’s regional Ozone Alert! Program brings citizens, business, industry and government together to voluntarily reduce ozone-forming emissions on days vulnerable to high ground-level ozone.

Ozone pollution occurs more during the summer months and vehicles account for 50% of air pollution nationwide. Every driver who chooses to ride the bus is doing their part to improve our local air quality!

Free Fares

Summer is Ozone Alert! season and thanks to a sponsorship by INCOG, we will be offering FREE FARE for fixed-route and Lift customers! Base fare will be free July 15th – September 15th.